47 RONIN #5 Review

47 Ronin completes the ancient Samurai tale based on honor and awesome violence!

Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai’s breathtaking account of Japan’s most famous historical legend reaches its extra-length conclusion, as Lord Asano’s loyal retainers take their revenge!


From the beginning this story has been written and drawn with a high level of craft in the field of comics. This tragic saga is concluded in a fantastic way that honors the original story in which this is based on. Fans unfamiliar with the tale will probably gain the most from the comic due to the fact, that they will not see the plot twist coming towards the end of the title. Surprises are in store for everyone involved in the cast, a certain amount of foreshadowing was given in other issues that eventually built to this moment for the characters.

As the Samurai Loyal breach Kira’s stronghold, readers are in the edge of their seats wondering what is going to happen. Writer Mike Richardson does a great job here making an old story seem new again. The script is reserved and not full of dialogue, which helps the reader get absorbed into the action happening towards the beginning of the title. In addition the dialogue that is here is not cheesy at all, readers will be absorbed into the story and characters all the way through this title.

Stan Sakai’s art here is as interesting as it has been all the way through this title. Through the hyper violence presented here, is a cartoony style that makes some of the death feel more tragic. There is a strange sense of irony permeating throughout this issue, that readers will come to appreciate upon closing this comic. Tragedy is something not easily depicted in comics, and the mood here depicting that something truly awful has happened is fantastic. This can be accredited to the art, which can display facial expressions of characters with ease.

This comic and miniseries are definitely worth your time. Both the artist and writer are at the top of their game here, come and enjoy some great comics!


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