47 Ronin #4 Review

It all comes down to Yoshio’s plan. Will it be enough?

Official description from Dark Horse Comics:

After months of meticulous planning, Lord Asano’s retainers launch a daring midnight raid on the man who brought his ruin and death. The moment of reckoning arrives in this penultimate chapter of Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai’s authentic take on Japan’s greatest historical legend!

I was really impressed with this issue. It was well thought out and intriguing. Since this is a classic tale I knew retelling it wasn’t going to be an easy task. And yet it was done so well. Yoshio is appearing to be a weak man and a careless father. Of course this is all a ruse. Now that Kira has let his guard down the time to strike it now. But will it go as planned?

Mike Richardson gives a stellar tale his own spin. It works beautifully. This whole issue was the ever important setup and not once did it slow down. The suspense was always there. I really started to feel for the characters, something that’s not an easy feat in such a small amount of space. I could sense the passion in this story. It came across the pages.

Artist Stan Sakai has a unique style. It has a historical feel to it which is perfect for this comic but it also had a whimsical feel to it. The combination complemented the comic well as it becomes less a history lesson and more an adventure. The fight scene was beautifully done.

This is one story you don’t want to miss and it’s going to be the jump off point for the rest of the story. Something that started out so good is just getting better and better. I highly recommend that you nab this issue!


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