Movie Reviews

CLOUD ATLAS – The Review

It’s hard to go to theaters these days and expect a science fiction movie to actually delve into something worthwhile.  It used to be that films such as these existed to offer audiences something unique and interesting while simultaneously entertaining them.   And that’s just what Cloud Atlas strives to do, and believe me it […]

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SKYFALL – The (Spoiler Free) Review

For a film that rarely drops the pace established by one hell of a pre credit action sequence, Skyfall, the latest entry into Bond’s illustrious big screen career, contains a tremendous amount of depth and character development. Despite a lack of globe trotting found in the classic Bond movies Skyfall manages to pay a fitting tribute […]

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Marvel One-Shot ITEM 47 Review

ITEM 47, if you haven’t already heard of it, is the latest in the Marvel One-Shots. This time its on THE AVENGERS Blu-ray; as if we needed another reason to buy the Avengers!. That said, is the 12 minute short film any good? Well, its not THE AVENGERS and it can’t live up to that […]

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