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Check Out The New JURASSIC WORLD Dinosaur!

Praise the Geeky Gods, fanboys and fangirls. It looks like Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will continue JP’s devotion to practical effects. Robot dinosaurs, everyone! We’ve scored one of the first pictures of these new critters thanks to our friends at SciFied, so go ahead and take a gander below: Not so bad, right? If […]

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Every Transformers Movie Sucks For This 1 Reason!

They’re too damn long. Every Transformers movie, from subtitle-less first through Age of Extinction, sucks for that one reason. Because, let’s face it, for the first hour and a half they’re pretty damn satisfying action flicks. Nothing original, nothing genre breaking, but quality popcorn films. Then there’s an extra 45 minutes tacked on. You know, […]

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This Is The GAME OF THRONES MOVIE We’ve Always Wanted. 3 Hour of Stannis The Mannis!

STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS! Stannis is, in fact, Mannis!!! At least in this Game of Thrones Movie.  He’s the king we deserve, but not the one we need right now. As a book lover, or, rather, a book lover by way of forums, I’ve been burdened with a great deal of admiration […]

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Super Serious GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Launches… Universe Ending Tropes Abound

I never thought I’d say this, but perhaps I’m experiencing “saving the universe” fatigue. I absolutely adore superhero flicks, and I cherish Marvel Studios’ mighty offerings above almost anything else, but their indulgent repertoire of existence-threatening villains is a bit tiring. That trope is especially grating after watching this latest Guardians of the...

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Maleficent is a Rape Allegory. Bold Move, Disney

Wow, Disney. Bold move. While I think it’s safe to assume that general film goers understood the rape implication of some scenes in Maleficent, Angelina Jolie’s recent confirmation settles the matter. Maleficent is a rape allegory. And I think Disney should be praised. Here’s Jolie’s full statement: We were very conscious, the writer [Linda Woolverton] […]

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