DAYS OF FUTURE PAST New Photos. Woverine! Magneto! Thanos!… Joking About The Last one!

The little mutant movie that could (otherwise known as X-Men: Days of Future Past) has unveiled a new slew of high quality pics. Featuring Wolverine, Magneto, Wheels… err, I mean Professor X (that’s an X-Men 1 movie, for all the old folks out there), this flick is looking like a stroll down memory lane. I can only hope that the rest of film goers feel the same way. I’d cry, a whole hell of a lot, if Days of Future Past bombed at the box office. As unlikely as that may be, no X-Men flick has ever soared past $500 million. Which is a small feat, compared to the success of the Avengers series and Sony’s Spider-Man, all of which hail from the same source material.

If Days of Future Past perpetuates the status quo of X-Men flicks, and earns a middling $400 million or less at the box office, then I’m not quite sure if Fox will enthusiastically continue with their sequel X-Men: Apocalypse.

Of course, that low haul is extremely unlikey, especially with the increased box office draw of the film’s lead actors Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Peter Dinklage. Add to that one massive marketing campaign, and Days of Future Past is destined for blockbuster status. I hope.

In any case, check out these spanking fresh images below. Thanks to our bud The Daily Superhero for the heads up. magneto wolverine beast Days of Future Past

wolverine prof x days of future past

peter dinklage days of future past

mystique days of future past

beast vs wolverine days of future past

Source: Total Film