Two ZELDA Games Getting the 3DS Treament in North America

Everything is better in 3D, right? Well, maybe not, but playing a classic video game in 3D is still a fun experience. Japanese gamers must know the feeling, having been able to play The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on their 3DS system via download, but North American gamers haven’t had that honor.

But that will change.

Eiji Aonuma, the producer of many of the Zelda games, stated on a Miiverse post, “Our plan is to release these two games in other territories before summer!” Now, he didn’t actually flat-out state North America. It is always possible that he meant Europe or Australia. But I think it is a pretty safe bet that we’ll be seeing those games sooner than later!

And, for those not in the know, the games will feature a “Link System” which will enable you to connect both games. This will allow you to enter “secrets”, among other things.

Oracle of Seasons and Ages were originally released for the Game Boy Color in Japan on February 27, 2001, and was released in North America later that year. The games were met with universal praise; Chris Carle of IGN called them the “best games ever made” for the Game Boy Color, and Nintendo Power gave the game a perfect score.

The games were directed by Hidemaro Fujibayashi (Skyward Sword), and was produced by Noritaka Funamizu (Mega Man X4).

So, Nintendo fans……think you’ll add these games to your collection?

Source: IGN

  • Davi Lancett

    Holy shit these games were my childhood!

  • Ciaran James

    never played these but they look just like Links awakening so I will be downloading!