A couple years ago I was at Stan Lee‘s Comikaze Expo up in L.A., while there I happened to stumble upon an indie project that got my attention. Flash forward to now and the Kickstarter for it is underway and I couldn’t be happier to report on it.

The first thing I want to mention it the absolute legitimacy of this mobile game. Raising My SuperKids®! is a social experience where you take a special child and nurse them along as they age and gain control over their considerable abilities. What’s unique is the fact that you’re the parent in this shindig. So please don’t be like Norman Osborn! Instead emulate Uncle Ben and Aunt May, we want heroes here people! We need them to save the day!

Welcome to the strange and marvelous city of SuperTown! In the city’s center lies an ancient and powerful rock that grants some children born here with astonishing powers. These spectacular children have been named SuperKids. However, raising a super-powered child is no easy task. That’s why the city has turned to people like you, to care for them and teach them to harness their powers for good. It all begins when a mysterious being known as the Stork arrives at your doorstep with a little bundle. You peek in and find a sleeping infant.

When the baby reaches 1 their gift will manifest. Over time you have to train them to harness it while ensuring that they get life’s essentials. Remember one day they’ll be old enough to leave the nest, and depending on what type of parent you were will ultimately result in whatever relationship you might have with your costumed vigilante.

As the video showed the game has an Honorary Chairwoman, in the from of J.C. Lee. But having the offspring of one of the comic industry’s greatest creators is just the start. Add in the fact that by simply playing and interacting we, as an audience, get to contribute to causers around the world that work toward the betterment of mankind and there’s no reason not to give this property a look. I think what’s been cooking is an experience that’s bound to grab attention from fanboys and fangirls.

Here’s a word from Alain Nguyen, the founder of the franchise:

This is a project we are truly passionate about. We need your help to fulfill this vision. We’ve already proven that the game can be made – we have a working prototype which you’ve seen in the videos and images on this page. The challenge now is to develop the prototype into a full game play experience. If we raise enough money, we can launch it with all the features we want to make the game fun and engaging, and socially impactful as well. So please pledge and join us on this exciting journey! Thanks for taking the time to read our vision, one that will hopefully become yours.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Kickstarter has worth in the realm of game expansion and prizes. So for me I’m in, but what do you think of it?

Is this something you want to support? Or will you flat out ignore it?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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