STARCRAFT 2 “Heart of the Swarm” Impressions

We visited the great nation of South Korea this past weekend for their “hotties with cosplay bodies” filled gaming convention known as G-STAR. We’ll have a ton more about the event in our roundup article, but for the moment, I’d like to turn your attention to the STARCRAFT 2 expansion “Heart of the Swarm”.

After all, what’s a visit to Korea without checking out the great Zerg-sters?  Well, besides their awesome fried chicken and marinated BBQ.  Seriously. SO. DELICIOUS.

Our very own East Asian Correspondent Adam Coulon was on the floor to test the shiny new gameplay. After waiting in line for a bit (yes, even the mighty UTF had to queue) he made his way to the sexy black line of gaming PC’s all loaded with “Heart of the Swarm”. Unbeknownst to Adam, his opponent was one of the meanest, cruelest, most feared 8 year olds in all of East Asia. Or, at least that’s how Adam explained it when he tried to rationalize his magnificent loss.

The Heartbreaker (as I like to call Mr. Coulon) began his war by gathering minerals and constructing a few well placed gateways to produce his Zealot army… as one does in these sorts of games.  The gameplay, up to this point, was pretty standard, but the real chunk of the expansion comes from their new units.  Unfortunately, Adam never got that far.

His tiny tot of an opponent ransacked Adam’s base in under a minute, and in a final douchey gesture, as if to say “Who’s your Daddy now, bitch!”, the 8 year old phenom built a Nexus right in Adam’s home turf.  The nerve!

While our own time with the game was limited (until we activate this beta key), we had a chance to watch some of the other players in the hall.  From their sweaty, red eyed expressions, I’d say Blizzard did a damn good job of raising the intensity.

We asked some of the top competitors in the world for their opinions, though, and it seems like it’ll take some getting used to.

The man known as Flash said:

I like it a lot, but I think maybe the game was changed a little too much.

I think it looks like the Zerg’s tits myself (that’s a good thing), but give it a look for yourself below:


We’ll have some more G-STAR news for you in the coming days, so just head back over to our main hub for the latest deets.