Postal 3 Sucks, but It has Semi-Cool Guns!

If you’re unfamiliar with the PC series Postal, then allow me to inform you. The first entry was released a few years ago and was particularly popular among fans for its murderous, gory content. After a sequel and a bunch of expansion packs, the world was awaiting a final, trilogy ending sequel.  Well, Running With Scissors has finally released the third, and hopefully final, installment.

Our friends at GameSpot have awarded this title a miserable 3 out of 10 stars, but that didn’t stop them from making this funny new video that catalogues all of its weapons and their unsuccessful applications. Check it out below:

Have you guys ever played Postal 3? It’s been a long, disappointing fall into oblivion for the series…at least in my opinion. What’d you guys think? Sound off below.