New Borderlands 2 DLC set to hit the floor this fall!

Yesterday at a PAX Australia panel, Gearbox confirmed a new Borderlands 2 DLC which will change the level cap from 61, to 72. The DLC will also include new missions and new raid bosses.

The new level cap will come along with the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge, which will go on sale for $5:00 some when in October. The Digistruct Peak Challenge is a new map in which Patricia Tannis will let players fight high level enemies to earn extra loot.

Gearbox will also be releasing some new heads and skins related to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep which are said to be arriving in “two or three weeks.”

Sadly, this DLC will be separate from the Borderlands 2  Season Pass which ended with Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep.

But never mind, this DLC will surely be unmissable. Just when you thought you had finished the game and you thought you had a fully maxed character Gearbox tell you to ready your wallets and ready them you will because of course you want another couple of hours playing time on this award-winning and hilarious game. Come on, who wouldn’t?