Microsoft Rewards for Achievement Points

Have you ever spent hours hunting that last golden tape, elusive feather or infuriating gargoyle just to see that little box ding, letting you know you spent valuable time collecting virtual items for an arbitrary cause? Then good news! Microsoft have announced in a tweet earlier today that this autumn they will start rewarding people for their achievements.

The Rewards program currently gives you Microsoft Points for completing surveys or renewing a 12 month Gold Family Pack subscription to Xbox Live. This suggests that come this autumn, you might actually be able to earn points (e.g games, avatar items etc.) for playing your games! There are no details showing how this will work but as the first of the Big 3 to provide a worthwhile incentive for their achievement system, Microsoft could be scoring some serious points with the gaming hardcore who chase these things.

Source: VG24/7

  • Louis Rabinowitz

    Finally, all those points collected on Minecraft will pay off!