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MASS EFFECT 3 Omega DLC First Look

SPOILER WARNING ABOUT DETAILS FOR OMEGA DLC: Mass Effect 3 was surrounded in the controversial mists of fanboy rage at launch, but through generous dedication to ongoing multiplayer support, as well as working hard on single player DLC the outrage has dissipated and fans are eager for more. We’ve already seen Shepard’s adventures with Leviathan, and next up we’re set to make a return to everyone’s favorite seedy space station, Omega!

Developed by Bioware Montreal, the team behind Mass Effect 3, Omega will see you teaming up with Aria “I AM Omega” T’Loak as you try to reclaim control of the station from Cerberus. It will feature four missions, which puts this DLC as the longest Bioware has given us yet, so expect around 3-4 hours of extra content here. But instead of listening to me churn out all of these facts, why don’t you hear it yourself from Michael Gamble, producer of the entire Mass Effect series:

Thanks to IGN for that fantastic interview. Now the internet was abuzz yesterday with the leak of an image of a female Turian, named Nyreen. These fiesty ladies have been seen in the comics before, as well as referenced in the books and games, but they haven’t before appeared in the games. Look away now if you don’t want to see what Garrus considers “flexible”.

Garrus: I had the reach, she had the flexibility…

Sure Shepard’s story ended with Mass Effect 3, but are you interested in one more sojourn into the Reaper ridden world for old times sake? Personally, I think it looks fantastic and more story content from Bioware never goes amiss. Omega launches on November 27th, but will not be included on disk for the WiiU version.

Source: IGN

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  • EyeMEye

    Her last name is T’Loak, not Benezia.

    • Davi Lancett

      Thanks for the correction, I thought I’d got it right but my ME knowledge is getting all muddled up.