Legend of Zelda Themed Nursery. Trust Us, It’s Awesome.

Welcoming a newborn child into the world can be the most exhilarating and terrifying event that two consenting adults can suffer. Between the hours (or days) of labor, the spontaneous leaking of body fluid, and the always dependable fainting of your significant other, birthing is one hell of an ordeal.

But it’s not all sour grapes. Just look at the world’s greatest parents in ‘Exhibit A’ below.

Upon hearing that his ladyfriend was totes preggers, Cole Bradburn dedicated the rest of his free days to creating the most incredible, Legend of Zelda themed room in the world.

I can only imagine the look of “i just pooped myself” levels of excitement on their little human chestburster’s face when he first gazed upon the glory of Hyrule in his very own abode (assuming he’s the world’s most intuitive newborn, of course).

Check it out in full detail below.


Now excuse me as I don my pink onesie, hop inside of a wicker cradle, and abandon myself in front of their oddly Hylian house.


It worked for Moses!

SOURCE: ColeBradburn

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  • http://colebradburn.com Cole Bradburn

    This is hilarious, thanks for sharing our room! We’ll be on the lookout for adult creepers in pink onesies 😉

    • Steve Lemlek

      Haha, glad you liked our write up.

      BTW, great site. I read your About Us, and I see we have something in common….


      • http://colebradburn.com Cole Bradburn


        Great to meet a fellow Tiger.