Legend of Zelda Beer Pong Table

As a recent College Grad, it always makes me happy to see some collegiate fanboys incorporate their love of geek culture with their love of drinking. Well, some admirable drunk youths decided that they needed the perfect beer pong table, one styled after the original Legend of Zelda world map. The good folks from the River Falls Pong Table Company were kind enough to entertain the request, and they came up with this little beauty.

Here’s a compilation video of how it was constructed:

What’d you guys think? Pretty amazing, right? It looks like their basic tables start at $100, so if you are in need of some custom work, give them a look. But in all honesty, part of the fun of owning a beer pong table is knowing that you’ve made it yourself, so you should probably just buy a keg, call up the fellas, and start you’re very own pong masterpiece.