It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s…A Superman Game!

We’re all fairly familiar with the horrors of Superman games. After over a decade of trying to remove all memories of that atrotious Nintendo 64 iteration, a horrible aftertaste still lingers in my mind.

For some reason, developers haven’t been able to really do the character justice. A great deal of people blame Supes’ power set as the number one problem. He can fly, lift anything, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, and a multitude of other feats that make him an unbeatable god. And if invincibility cheat codes have taught us anything, it’s that rolling around a virtual environment without the threat of defeat gets really old….really fast. Any GTA player can attest to that virtue.

Well, despite all of these inherent problems, apparently DC was well on their way to producing an entirely original Superman game for the PS3 and XBOX 360. They were trying to capitalize on their success with Batman: Arkham Asylum, but before the game could enter post-production, the wobbly economy drove the developer Factor 5 into bankruptcy. Supes was lost in the fallout, but don’t worry, we’ve got our grubby little mits on some newly released concept art…which only adds insult to injury.  It looks like we missed out on a really, really, really good attempt at resurrecting Superman on gaming consoles.

And here’s a clip of game footage that was released back in 2010, in case you’ve yet to see it.