Injustice adds ZOMBIE GOODNESS!

In a sad attempt to be cool, the new Injustice Gods Among Us game has added downloadable content that will add the pieces of the Blackest Night storyline to the game.

Injustice has a few insecurities about simply being itself and is now catering straight to the comic book fans; kind of. Along with a few costumes, the game features the not awesome Zombie Mode, which features your favorite characters with weird glowing red eyes and black armor beating the snot out of each other for no apparent reason.

While no concrete information has been released aside from the teaser trailer, costumes for Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Superman, and Batman are likely to be in store. The excellent Blackest Night storyline revolves around the Black Hand reviving Nekron, the leader of the Black Lantern Corps, whose mission is to kill off the DC Universe.

This DLC pack was also rumored to be available alongside new costumes from the Arkham City Batman game. That collection features costumes for Batman, Joker, and Catwoman. The Arkham City and Blackest Night packs join the previously announced Superman Red Son edition which also comes with new missions and costumes. Injustice Gods Among Us is set to release April 16th.

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Source: AS