INFINITE CRISIS Going Open Beta in March, Digital Comic Coming In May

The highly anticipated MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, Infinite Crisis, has been in closed beta for almost a year but no more, because the game is almost ready for wider beta access.

Infinite Crisis will go into open beta on March 14th, 2014 which means that anyone who downloads the game will be able to play it in its beta form.

Currently, a total of 27 playable characters are available for players to choose from including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman in a giant mecha, The Flash, Green Lantern and Robin.

But even if your favorite DC character isn’t currently in the game, have faith that developer Turbine will add more characters as the beta continues and as the full version of the game is officially released.

Infinite Crisis takes a total of six worlds in the DC Multiverse and clumps them together in a giant battle-to-the-death extravaganza. So that means alongside Batman, you will find Gaslight Batman, and alongside Robin, you will find Nightmare Robin.

For readers familiar with the major DC Comics event of the same name, the storyline dealt with barriers between different versions

The worlds confirmed to be a part of the game are: Prime, Atomic, Arcane, Gaslight, Mecha and Nightmare.

Along with the announcement of the open beta’s upcoming launch, DC Comics also announced that they will be publishing a new digital-first weekly series based on the game in May 2014. As with all DC Digital First series, collected print copies will start to be available in July 2014.

This isn’t the first DC Digital First weekly series based on a video game, the wildly successful Injustice: Gods Among Us series has given DC some experience in handling video game tie-ins. Like Injustice before it, Infinite Crisis will be a prequel telling stories that take place before the events of the video game.

The creator writing the series will be Dan Abnett who will work with a team of rotating artists. In addition to the main characters from the game, the comic series will also introduce some new characters, so there’s a lot of room to build a fully-realized world just like we had with Injustice: Gods Among Us.