Why We Haven’t Talked about ARKHAM ORIGINS


So Arkham Origins comes out tomorrow. It seems like that news has been lost in the craziness that was Kevin Feige talking about every movie he could think of. That’s not the real reason the Origins has been kept off pretty much every sit though. The real reason is the fact that they haven’t let anyone review this game before its release. For movies that’s often a sign that the movie is downright terrible, but I am not sure what to think with this game.

Some people were worried that because WB Games Montreal is now headingarkhamorigins-10/01/13-2 up the games that it would be very different. But after seeing the recent launch trailer, which was beautiful, I feel convinced that it will be at least very similar to the format that I already love. All the gadgets looked like they were there, detective mode stayed, and the plot seems really cool (and there is a good chance for some twist ending).

As for the villains, they still look amazing. All the Graphics would be great and the character designs looked really cool and will be fun to fight. The Joker arkhamorigins_multiplayer_multi_jokerlooks younger, as does Bane. You get to see Batman attack the Penguin and kick the crap out of him. Deathstroke looks like a challenging boss (who you may get to fight several times seeing as there was at least two character designs for him. All in all everything for the game seems to be at least very similar to the games that we all love.

Batman_AO_DynamicDuoI feel that maybe it was the multiplayer that forced WB to ban all the reviews of Origins. Cinema Blend points out that this is a brand new multiplayer system that hasn’t been replicated with a game like this. For those who do not know the multi player game is Joker and his gang, vs Bane and his gang, vs Batman and Robin. 3 vs 3 vs 2. Because it is so different maybe the developers wanted people to judge it for themselves.

Whatever the reason is that there are no reviews should be ignored. Get pumped for this game Batman fans, and make sure to pick it up tomorrow!

Source: Cinema Blend