FEZ Gets Multiplatform Release

Award winning indie darling FEZ received critical acclaim when it released for Xbox Live in April of last year. Now gamers on more platforms will get to experience this exploratory bliss. Creator Phil Fish doesn’t specify any destinations but presumably PC and PS3 will  see a release, as well as possibly a WiiU version. The game seems like a natural fit for Nintendo’s new console.

The news comes to us from a post on developer Polytron’s website. Amidst reflections of the hectic year, Fish looks ahead to 2013 as the year when “FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms.”

“Yes, i’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot i am for not porting FEZ to everything.”

The game had it’s issues at launch, as well as the notorious patch incident which broke the game and Fish seemingly implied that fans of his game should just get on with it. Hopefully this wider release will be a smooth and successful event,  I know I sure as hell can’t wait to play this wonderful puzzlers on my PS3.

PS. If any of you haven’t seen it, Indie Game: The Movie features Phil Fish during the development of FEZ and is definitely worth checking out!

Source: Polytron

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