Dear Arkham Marketing Team, “F### YOU”


Yeah, so if you could not push a massive viral marketing campaign on social media for DLC… that’d be great.

In what amounts to another bad episode blue balls for the gaming community, the good folks behind this year’s Arkham: Batman Origins have finally unveiled their super secret project that they’ve been teasing for the past few weeks, and it’s not a sequel. Hell, it’s not even a teaser for a trailer for a sequel (which is all the rage now, looking at you Winter Soldier). It’s just your everyday, run of the mill DLC. You know, that stuff that’s usually $10 on the XBOX marketplace but only 2 hours of gameplay?

While I was most assuredly pessimistic about all the pre-reveal hype, as it seems way too soon for any type of cool new projects surrounding the Batman: Arkham Origins mythos, the good folks at Warner Bros. Interactive sure made it sound like a big deal. Which is kind of a dick move, when you think about it. I would’ve been perfectly content discovering this DLC in form of a press release, but WB wanted some unnecessary hype, and now they’ve got it.

It’s really a shame, because I’m really excited to play some extra innings as a young Batman, tackling Mr. Freeze in Gotham, but now it’s all tarnished by some recent Strategic Communications graduates and their awesome “viral marketing campaign”. I’m sure they’ve provided a great Web 2.0 presence for their employers and have proven their brand authority as mass manipulators.




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