CNN thought the Wii U was just a souped-up controller?

Despite a lukewarm reception from gamers regarding Nintendo‘s latest E3 press conference, the company managed to get the mainstream media attention they were looking for, but sadly that leads to some potential issues.

There was a little mistake in an article by CNN:

Will Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U controller breathe new life into its aging Wii console?

Yep, you read that right Larry Frum, a video game journalist at CNN got to write-up his hands-on impressions of the Wii U.  But apparently the journalist does not know that the Wii U is actually a new system not just an accessory to the aging Wii.

Thankfully a day later they edited the article and fixed their mistake:

Will Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U breathe new life into its aging Wii concept?

It’s amazing what changing one word from “console” to “concept” does to save the integrity of a piece of work.  Or does it?

Here’s another tidbit from the article:

Overall, the Wii U is a solid hybrid of a souped-up Wii system and a handheld gaming device. It’s larger than a traditional console controller, but not so heavy that it would cause fatigue problems.

The author went on to refer to Pikmin 3 as a kid title and to focus on the handheld potential of the Wii U seemingly ignoring any of the graphical enhancements offered by the new hardware.  So there you have it, some minor confusion (or major) kind of rectified.  Good job CNN, good job.

SOURCE: CNN & Go Nintendo