CAPSIZED Review (XBOX Live Arcade)


Capsized (indiePub) is one of the few hidden gems on the xbox live arcade market today and one of the few arcade titles I really enjoy. The game begins with a short cutscene showing how a spaceship and some of it’s crew have crash landed, and you play as a member of the crew as you jump/hook/jet fuel your way past the murderous aliens who inhabit the planet. For a platformer Capsized does a great and really fun job of  how you get around, as I sorta mentioned, there’s walking (boring!), a grappling hook (fun) and a jetpack (effective). Combine all three and you’ve got an effective way of travel and many angles to outsmart and outgun the aliens.

Speaking of outgunning enemies, i’m just going to say that i’m a pretty big fan of the weapons system. It’s a simple ‘better weapons as you progress’ attitude that’s very simple, but it works very well. The reason being that you can have multiple weapons to use at once, and can switch at the flick of a bumper on your controller. This helps because there’s so many different alien types as you progress and it’s useful for switching tactics really quickly. Plus, every weapon has two ways of firing, so the system helps for firing at short and long range.

So what’s the main goal of the game? Well i’d say it’s down to finding your crew members and trying to survive. Personally, I thought the missions where you had to retrieve captured crew members were the most fun.

Besides gameplay, Capsized does look really nice. Apart from the in-game levels there’s lovely hand drawn cutscenes between levels, they really stand out. But should you buy this game for definite? Yes, you should. Besides the odd bug or glitch that rarely happens, Capsized is one of the greatest arcade games i’ve ever played, there are flaws, but none big enough to sway my opinion of this game. For 800 MP this game is definitely a buy. I’m giving it a score of…



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