CAPCOM Celebrates May With MEGA MAN!

For those mad at Capcom for seemingly ditching the Blue Bomber, maybe this news will help you forgive them, if even slightly. Beginning May 1, Capcom will be releasing six Mega Man games for the 3DS Virtual Console.

The six games are Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV, Mega Man V, Mega Man Xtreme, and Mega Man Xtreme 2. But which game will be first?

Capcom is holding a poll on their website, where people can vote from the six Mega Man games. The game with the most votes will come out on May 1, and the remaining games will get released once a week every following Thursday. Fittingly, Capcom will be calling the month “Mega May”. Cheers for Nintendo 3DS users!


The Mega Man roman numeral series, which had five games, were all released for the original Game Boy. Contrary to popular belief, they were NOT remakes of the original five Mega Man games, and featured new gameplay and storylines.

The Mega Man Xtreme two-game series was a handheld spin-off of the Mega Man X games, released for the Game Boy Color. They ended up being the only X spin-offs on handhelds.

No word yet on whether other handhelds, like Mega Man & Bass, or the Battle Network series, will arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console.

So, intrepid gamer…think you’ll purchase any of these?


Source: IGN