BLAZBLUE Fighting Video Game Series Receiving Anime Adaption!

Sometimes, there will be some news where you think, “That makes complete and total, logical sense”. For me, this is such news. The popular fighting game series, BlazBlue, will be receiving an anime adaption. The BlazBlue games have always used anime designs, anime-style attacks, and anime-style plots, so I think this should have happened awhile ago. In fact, the game’s designer, Toshimichi Mori, stated in 2010 that he would like to see an anime series. I guess now he’ll get his wish.

There are currently no details on the anime. No premiere date, no casting news, no staff, and we’re left wondering if the anime will adapt one of the games, a few of the games, be an original story, etc.

The BlazBlue game series, which is developed by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors) began in 2008 with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, which was released for the arcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, and Microsoft Windows. The game received an 89% on Metacritic.

The franchise has already spawned various sequels and spin-offs, some manga, and even novels in Japan, but most of these haven’t reached States-side. I think an anime series would probably make it here, at least in streaming.

So….would you watch this?

Source: ANN


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