ASSASSIN’S CREED Theme Park to Open in 2020?

Ubisoft is thinking of making a theme park completely different from the rest of the theme parks that we currently have. They plan to make a games-themed amusement park and have it built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are thinking of building what they call a “next generation” theme park with the co-developer RSG of Malaysia, and it is said to include rides that feature games like Assassin’s CreedJust Dance, and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Jean De Rivieres, Senior V.P. of Ubi Motion Pictures announced:

“Together we are creating a place where every guest is a player, every ride is a playground, every visit is a game,” said Jean de Rivieres, senior vice president of Ubisoft Motion Pictures. “In RSG, we’ve found a partner with a successful track record in working with international brands, a shared ambition to design the family destination of the future, and a wealth of expertise in theme park development.”


According to CNBC, this isn’t the first video-game based theme park that has been developed. Apparently, there was an Angry Birds land that was built in Finland of 2012, not sure if that really counts as a “video-game based” theme but whatever works. The U.K. also hosts an Angry Birds Activity Park.

The theme park is said to be 10,000 square meters of development of nothing but highly interactive gaming experiences which have yet to be determined on what those will be. They seem to have high hopes that this park will be a big hit especially, with Malaysia being the second most visited country in Asia.

Chairman, RSG said:

“RSG is committed to redefining family fun, and video games have taken an increasingly central role in entertainment for all ages,” “Partnering with Ubisoft means we’ll work with their creative teams to develop the first of what we believe will be a revolutionary new theme park experience. We are confident that this partnership agreement highly benefits both parties and consolidates our presence in the global family entertainment market.”


The theme park doesn’t seem to open until 2020. Even though it seems like a long time from now, it really isn’t, but anticipation and excitement makes time seem that much slower. Too bad it had to be in Malaysia and not somewhere a little close to home. Even though it’s in Malaysia maybe they will decide to build something like this somewhere in the U.S. I mean, it’s only fair, right?