ARKHAM CITY Writer Won’t Return For Sequel/Prequel

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We’ve recently discovered that Rocksteady, the game studio responsible for Batman’s latest console blockbusters Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, will center their next DC themed game around the origins of the Justice League in the 1950’s.

A Silver Age JL adventure?

I can dig it.

Well, today one of Rocksteady’s veteran writers, Paul Dini, has revealed he won’t return for the sequel (or prequel, rather). The scribe is more than up to the challenge, but he cites the game developer’s lack of support as the main reason for their separation.

He dropped the bomb on twitter a bit earlier, and here’s a quick screengrab:

He was quickly prompted by a follower, who asked  “Are you working on another arkham game?

To which Dini plainly stated “No ,[…] I would if I could, but it’s not my call.

What do you folks think? Is this an ill omen? Or just a small foot note in Rocksteady’s development cycle?

SOURCE: thesixthaxis

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