5 Things I Dislike About BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS

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Last week I wrote an article about what I liked about Batman: Arkham Origins (if you didn’t read it, click here). Now that I’ve gotten more time in on the game, I think it’s time to break down what I don’t like about the game. Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid game and I give it a 7.8/10. Hopefully Rocksteady is off somewhere creating a next-generation Batman game (I’m praying for Batman Beyond) that will bring the series back to its former glory. But until then, let’s go over the problems with this game.


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Since the early days of Playstation and Xbox, players expect one or two glitches in games. Too bad Origins is littered with them. I had the game crash on me twice in a row while fast traveling and I came across bugs that made enemies become untouchable or blew them away. At one point, I needed to restart a mission because a character I needed to interrogate couldn’t be interrogated. I read other players reporting bugs online, such as ledges you can’t climb and out of sync video and audio. Apparently WB Games didn’t spend the amount of time fine-tuning their product as Rocksteady did before them. This sometimes happens when you deal with major companies who have nothing to lose.


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One of my favorite things about Batman: Arkham City was seeing Robin appear in the story and challenge maps as a bad-ass character. If you’ve read the comics, you’d know that Tim Drake is that and more. But most people didn’t think that would translate into a video game. But as usual Rocksteady does the impossible. This is where WB Games should’ve completely copied their predecessors and made Dick Grayson just as bad-ass but failed miserably. Robin is only accessible in the multiplayer mode and not the challenge maps, which completely bummed me out. Even though Deathstroke was added to the challenge maps (which was a nice touch), his fighting skills are almost a complete copy of Robin’s. For that laziness alone on WB Games’ part, this game should’ve been $5 cheaper.


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I’m sure most people had an assassin they were looking forward to fighting before Origins came out. For me it was Lady Shiva. After that awesome battle with Deathstroke at the beginning of the game, I expected to punch, counter, and dodge until my thumbs hurt fighting someone that Batman claims is a better fighter than him. Sadly that fight was more philosophical than physical, with Shiva trying to teach a young Batman how pointless his mission is. Though she was portrayed effortlessly by Kelly Hu (who voices as many DC female characters as Tara Strong), this was one of the less threatening assassins in the game.


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When I first read about Origins, I’d already guessed it would be about Gotham City’s shift from mobs to psychos as their biggest problem. So when I found out that Black Mask was the central villain, I was excited because he fits into both criminal categories. He’s a gangster that wears a mask and tortures people, but he’s not completely nuts (at least not worthy of Arkham Asylum). Imagine how thrown off I was when I found out that Joker took his place and ordered the hit on Batman. Don’t get me wrong I love the Joker but he is too overused in this game series. I think he should’ve just been a side mission with MAYBE a DLC episode like Harley Quinn’s Revenge in Arkham City. Can someone else in Batman’s enormous rogues gallery get a little more attention???


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Prequels are difficult in any type of genre. Origins get a B+ for effort, I didn’t feel like this was a game makes me think this happened years before the rest. If you want to convince fans that this is a prequel, you need to do more than make Jim Gordon’s hair red and have everyone watching box TV sets instead of flat screens. Besides showing a teenage Barbara Gordon, I honestly feel like Star Wars put more effort into their prequels, and that’s saying something.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on this game???

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  • Michael Moore

    I’m praying for Batman Beyond too!

  • bats_2190

    Your a fucking whiner, I get the glitches but Jesus you went a little too far with your stupid bitching. And btw this prequel pre dates robin so sick on that

    • Jaiden Edmonds

      Cry some more because you have a different opinion.

      • bats_2190

        Cry some more? the fuck you talking about?


          Exactly what he said…you’ve come off here as just as big of a whiner.

          • Hollow

            Nope I agree with bats. The article is a bunch of nit picking. It was a strong game, the glitches are the only thing faulty with it. If this game came out first, then people would bitch about one of the other two. Bunch of unappreciative brats.

  • JoeShine

    I think you thought of the game a little bit differently than what they had intended. Because all the Arkham games focused on the relationship between batman and joker, and too expect this game to be different is a bit weird to assume(despite the marketing strategy). But I can agree with some of your points.

  • MutinyofSense

    I didn’t think it was quite as good as the other 2 story wise, but I had a lot of fun playing it, and feel it’s better than a lot of other games out right now.
    I also didn’t have a problem with glitches at any point in time.

  • pinkincide

    What about what they got right? Origins is a game built around Batman slowly building relationships. The character arc taking Gordon from enemy to ally is unlike anything I’ve seen in a game. Nothing is easy or convenient in the way the two finally start trusting each other. The relationship between Batman and Alfred is similarly advanced. In a genre where characterizations are famously thin, Origins serves up a feast. I’m not hearing squat about that from that from the same critics who claim they want more more mature characterizations in gaming.


      You didn’t read the other article, did you.

  • CComry

    Whine and complain…. Is that all people know how to do nowadays? If life isn’t wrapped up in a neat little bow people just cry about it.

    • Justin Nieger

      da irony in dat comment…

  • Theyn Smith

    i agree with the points but it was a good game.

  • Daniel Banks

    I’m not sure about Point #1, but I can agree with the others. Fortunately, WB is rectifying #5.

  • Anubis2705

    When I heard “Black Mask” laughing and giggling the first time, I shouted at my TV: “NOT AGAIN!”
    For the second time they promised us a more unpopular villain as main-antagonist, but in the end it was once more the Joker.

  • Steve C.

    People reply because they have an opinion. Then other people come on here and try to shame them and label them as “whiners”. Why? Are they causing you harm? Who is worse? The person stating their opinion or someone who can only shame them for having one?

    Here is my whine…

    You can’t have a Batman: Arkham prequel and not include an origin story of how the Joker first runs into and ultimately develops his obsession for Batman. Not when the other games allude to and exist because of their history. The history we all know and love. I personally enjoyed the whole game. My only gripe would be the grapnel points being too limited and buildings in the city being obstructions when higher grapnel points would have allowed you to traverse the landscape more efficiently.

    Played on the xbox 360 version and only once did I have a glitch. Mine involved initiating a dive attack and watching as the AI thugs vanished and Batman fell through the world until finally he auto shot the grapnel gun and ended up back on a ledge.

    I know QQ right…*rollseyes*

  • Swagger Display

    Actually the most common thin’ most players hate about this game is the glitches as well as crashes (I’m one of them), and it seemed like they rushed thin’s up.. Like for example after the fightin’ between Batman & Deathstroke Penguin shows up in the scene with his girls and anyway the door is locked tight and Batman can’t get through ( BUT you still can go to the same way you went when you finished off Lester Buchinsky “Electrocutioner” and go to the same locked room where her was beatin’ Alberto Falcone )..

    And the new combat styles (regardless the gadgets), Batman uses new combat moves that does NOT exist in the first two games ( Arkham Asylum & City ), Which is another reason this game can’t be a correct prequel.

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