5 Reasons Why We Need a Batman Beyond Game

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I was browsing through Netflix one lazy afternoon, looking for something to watch. While searching, I came across Batman Beyond. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to watch an episode and kill 20 minutes. Eight episodes later, I was thinking about why this series never had a good game. Don’t get me wrong, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was decent but a series this solid deserved something better. And with Batman games in high demand, I think it deserves a great game for these reasons:



For a character whose show ended in 2001, the iconic ‘Beyond’ batsuit keeps popping up in a lot of video games. It’s an alternate costume in Justice League Heroes (as the “Infiltration Suit”) and a downloadable costume in Batman: Arkham City, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Batman: Arkham Origins. Fans like myself appreciate companies adding that but it also gnaws at our need for a full-fledged game. The fact that they keep putting it in proves that we want to have it. I’m currently playing the multiplayer section of Arkham Origins just so I can level up and get the costume. Getting the chance to move about Gotham City as Terry McGinnis and not Bruce Wayne in an alternate suit would be quite the experience. Speaking of Gotham…



Even if Batman: Arkham Origins didn’t revolutionize the Arkham series with anything new (the Initiation DLC was cool though), they did stand out by making a fully functioning Gotham City for players to explore. Even without the full use of the Batwing or Batmobile, moving through the entire city is one of my favorite parts of the game. Now that Warner Bros. Games has proven that they can create an entire city in a video game, there’s no reason why they couldn’t make Gotham into the futuristic megalopolis that we’ve seen on the show. Although it should still be true to the character and be dark overall, a game like this should use to the scenes and gameplay of Spider-Man 2099 in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time to really capture the feel of the not too distant future.



Probably the biggest difference between Bruce Wayne’s and Terry McGinnis’ Batman is the suit. Viewed as a form-fitting powered armor, the Beyond suit has many functions that would fit in a video game. Basic gadgets like batarangs and smoke pellets could stay while gadgets like the explosive gel and glue/ice grenades could be changed to something else like mini mines and simple bolas. The electric gauntlets from Arkham Origins could be a basic feature in the suit since it was used at least twice in the series against a villain. The rocket boots that gave Batman flight would be another great feature. This would make traveling around Gotham feel new, instead of gliding and grappling everywhere you could simply fly around. The camouflage feature on the suit would also breathe new life into the stealth portion of Batman games. Just think of using it to infiltrate certain areas or even hack a terminal without being seen. Unfortunately those last two features would need an energy drain meter of some kind, otherwise players would abuse it like crazy (you know I’m right).



The only problem I’ve ever had with Batman Beyond was the lack of originality in the rogues gallery. A lot of times, Terry ended up fighting Bruce’s villains or variations of them. This would be a good opportunity for DC Comics to not only create new characters, but introduce new fans to the older villains. Villains like Inque and Shriek would make good over the top fights while chasing the Royal Flush Gang through the skies of Gotham could test flying skills. For the ‘mind warp’ levels, Spellbinder’s got that covered. For die-hard Joker fans, you can fight the Jokerz, a gang who styled themselves after the Clown Prince of Crime, throughout various points. Toss in a few brand new villains and you’ve got a kick-ass game.



Ever since Mark Hamill’s retirement as the Joker after Arkham City, I’ve been waiting for Kevin Conroy to announce his inevitable retirement as the voice of Batman. Before he hangs it up for good, I’d love to see him team up with Will Friedle (and hopefully Cree Summer) one more time and do this game. He already announced he was working with Rocksteady on an Arkham game, but not Arkham Origins. I pray it’s for Batman Beyond. To me, that would be the best way to finish off his career on a strong note.

Do you think Batman Beyond deserves a next-gen video game?? Drop a comment!

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  • VersaType

    Simply put yes! I would love for this to happen!

  • J.R. Adams

    Hell. Yes. Batman Beyond is by far the most creative and under-rated Batman story arc ever produced. It deserves more than the glory it got.

  • Batman is awesome45

    I don’t want a batman beyond game it would ruin the franchise

    • Thomas Zachary Seward

      You mean like advertising different villains and only having one antagonist throughout? Yeah, having a fresh series would be TERRIBLE.

  • Batman is awesome45

    me again ive been watching batman beyond and i actually would love to see a batman beyond it could be called BATMAN ARKHAM BEYOND.

    • max wasabi


  • Adrian

    It’s the only way to complete a passing of the torch, and it would make the most logical of sense.

  • Beyond arkham

    this be fun and good i dea i’l like to play as someone wit same build as grayson in my opion we need a nightwing game as well people don’t know it but grayson has connections to almost everyone in the dc universe and he is a huge connection between them all. it should be called batman beyond arkham . i think if they introduce the flush gang i’d love to see melanie as his love interest in this one maybe have her as dlc character lol it’d be interesting

  • Pawn

    I loved Batman Beyond as a kid and would love to see it come back. Batman: Arkham Advanced Age.

  • Ai

    YES. I need this like I need air. I wish they’d make the games already (YES, PLURAL).

  • Tra Dalton

    It should be a game but unlike the other Batmans we should be able to drive in and out of the bat-cave and ride around and be able to eject out of the vehicles to an enemy or pick them up and also be able to take the bat suit off instantly to switch to normal and go up the elevator to the manor and do missions without the suit while driving around and when the bat computer or Alfred notify there’s trouble or a new mission be able to go somewhere to change or drive back to the manor and suit up and leave. and have more skills, techniques, and gear.

  • Tra Dalton

    The game should be called Batman “The Future Bat” or “The Prime Of The Bat”

  • scarface

    it could be called batman: future arkham