Call of Duty Marathon

5 and a Half Straight Days of CoD – Man Breaks Longest Gaming Marathon Record

We’ve all had our own gaming marathons, whether there’s a new game out that you’ve been hyped about forever or you’ve got your mates around for a monster Halo session, but nothing compares to what Okan Kaya managed.

The Australian in question managed to play Call of Duty: Black Ops II for an incredible 135 hours straight! That’s the equivalent of 5.625 days in a row – making it the longest gaming marathon ever. This mind blow (and mind destroying) feat was overseen by a Guinness World Record adjudicator and took 7 days to complete, due to the mandatory 10 minute break you have to take every hour. These breaks can be stored up and used in conjunction should they wish to eat a proper meal or take a power nap.

He does not look happy…

Have just completed a 24 hour gaming marathon myself, I’m astonished he managed it, particularly with such a in your face, explodey game as Call of Duty. I think after a few days without sleep the sight of a flash grenade would have me quivering in the corner.

At the end of his session he had reached 37th on the Black Ops II leaderboard, and is now hopefully blissfully asleep. Good job man!

Source: IGN

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