4 New Persona Titles Heading to N. America

Late last year we here on UTF reported that Japanese gaming company Atlus announced that there would be 4 new Persona games coming out in 2014. Well now we’ve gotten even more good news, courtesy of Atlus USA.

Yesterday, Atlus USA announced that each of the four new Persona games will be each be getting N. American releases. While this is no big surprise for SMT fans, it’s still pretty exciting news. Here are previews of the four games.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

pq1The story takes place on the last day of the Yasogami High (one of the main settings of Persona 4) culture festival. The main heroes of P4 see a strange bell tower emerge from the school grounds. The main heroes of P3 also hear the strange bell and are flung into the future where they encounter the cast of P4. The two groups become locked in the tower and meet two mysterious individuals named Zen and Rei who have lost their memories. Soon the groups find out that Zen and Rei’s memories are the key to solving the mystery of the tower.

Depending on which protagonist you choose, that’s the story that’s the cast you will be more involved with. For example choosing Yu Narukami means you follow the P4 cast, while choosing Makoto Yuki means following the P3 characters.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS June 5th, and this fall for North America.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

persona-4-the-ultimax-ultra-suplex-hold-releases-in-arcades-this-winterThe sequel to 2012’s Persona 4 Arena, P4A Ultimax takes place just a few days after the first game. The city of Inaba (the main setting of Persona) becomes shrouded in a red fog that warps time and causes people to disappear, making it similar to the world inside of the T.V.. The heroes of P4 find Mitsuru and Akihito crucified on the Midnight Channel, and plan to do take action. Soon they meet Junpei and Yukari, friends of Mitsuru and Akihito, and members of their two’s shadow unit who have come to Inaba to save their upperclassman.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be released in Japan in the Summer and will see a N. American release this fall.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

p4dan3Taking place half a year after the events of the original Persona 4 game. Rise has returned to the world of entertainment. After rumors spread similar to those of the serial murder case, members of the idol group “Kanamin Kitchen”, whose leader is Rise’s junior Kanami Mashita, being disappearing; a new investigation begins.

P4D is a rhythm game that pits Yu and his friend’s against shadows in “dance battles” on the mysterious ‘Mayanoka Stage’.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be released for Playstaion Vita in Japan this fall, with a North American release slated for 2015

Persona 5:

Persona5The highly anticipated next installment in the long running Persona series. Not much is known about the game at this point, but there is a huge amount of speculation concerning the teaser trailer.

Persona 5 releases on the Playstation 3 in Japan this winter and will see a North American release sometime in 2015.

So ho how about it Persona fans? Are you excited for the new games? Or will you pass?

Let us know in the comments below.