4 More Days Until Pokemon

Counting today we have 4 more days to kill until X & Y will be ours to play. For me the countdown began about 3 months ago, but now it’s real. I’m doing my best to stay off all the sites that contain spoilers for Pokemon I haven’t seen yet (I’m failing miserably), but I still had seen enough by August to decide what I want my team to be. I know my starter and (Spoiler for Pokemon fans living under a rock) I know which Kanto starter I’m want to get. I have it paid off, and I am steadily awaiting Saturday so I can pick it up and start my journey to be the very best, like no one ever was.

While I am very excited, I am very worried. Did they mess with the game too much? I have been on record in the past saying that I think some of the additions were not necessary and could even detract from the game as a whole. Mega Pokemon, while awesome at face value, still worry me because of how powerful they are. The entire meta-game will be based around your Mega. The good news is that they have added a significant amount of Mega Pokemon since I first had that thought. There are now two Mega Mewtwos, two Mega Charizard, mega Garchomp, and the list goes on and on. Outside of Mega Pokemon there is still a ton of things to worry about; the weakening of steel Pokemon, the addition of Fairy, and (while I’m not too concerned about it) super training for EVs. I trust Gamefreak, so I know they will most likely fix all my issues with these and I will grow to love them.

This picture has about 1000 spoilers in it alone

Now while I am excited and worried, I am annoyed. There have been so many leaks. It started out innocent, a Pokemon here, a screenshot there. Now it has turned into 40 Pokemon being announced and that’s not counting ones leaked by people with early copies (F*&# those people, I want it early). I don’t know how many new Pokemon were created for this game, but my guess is that we have seen around half of them. I should have stayed off the pages and gone in blind, but I didn’t have the self control.

What about you? Are you excited, worried, annoyed, or all the above? Or any other adjective for that matter?