3 Games Rocksteady Should Make After BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

As much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s probably true. Rocksteady Studios, the brilliant minds behind the Batman: Arkham game series will end their run on the Caped Crusader with Batman: Arkham Knight. And while this is a hard thing to accept, there could be a silver lining to it. Once the thought stopped making me want to cry, I started to think about the company’s plans for the future, specifically about what other titles that could be remade using what I like to call the ‘Arkham Treatment’. Sure, an original game would be nice, but they’re just so good at putting their spin on an established properties. These titles could stand to be ‘Arkham-ized’.



I’ve already written an entire article last year about the idea of a Green Arrow video game (read it here) and I’m still preaching it. Thanks to continued success of CW’s Arrow, Oliver Queen is starting to become a name as recognizable as Bruce Wayne. I still don’t know why DC Comics is not putting this in the works, because this wouldn’t be that difficult for Rocksteady to make. The basic gameplay mechanics from the Arkham games would transfer well and it’d be another way to connect it to the ‘Arkhamverse’. Although to make it stand out on its own, I suppose they could lighten the tone a bit. Green Arrow may be similar to Batman, but he’s not the tortured soul he is. Honestly, if Rocksteady can make awesome games about a character who’s had a history of crappy games, imagine what they could with a character with nothing to lose.



If Rocksteady ever decides to switch over to Marvel Comics, I think Daredevil deserves a shot at a good game. I know some of you might see Spider-Man as a better candidate, but we all know Beenox is NEVER going to loosen their grip on him. Believe it or not, there was a game in the works over a decade ago (you can view some gameplay here), but it was cancelled before we got to see if it was better than that god awful movie. As a fan of non-powered superheroes, I think Daredevil would be a good challenge. The best thing going for this idea is the overall tone of the Arkhamverse. In those games, Gotham City is a dark and dreary place where the impossible can happen at any time. That overall feeling fits perfectly into Daredevil’s world in my opinion. Looking at North Gotham in Batman: Arkham Origins, it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch for Rocksteady to convert it into Hell’s Kitchen. As far as combat style and movement, they could use Nightwing (who is also an acrobatic fighter stick fighter) as a template. After that, they would just have to tone down the gadgets and make small changes to the ‘Detective Vision’ used in their games to simulate DD’s superhuman senses. I’m sure even The Man Without Fear can see how good this could turn out.



After the success of Arkham City, there were rumors circulating that Rocksteady was in negotiations to make a game about the Heroes in a Half Shell. Naturally, I was super excited until I found out the rumor was just that. But seriously, why couldn’t they do it? Don’t get me wrong, Red Fly did a decent job with TMNT: Out of the Shadows, but it was missing more than a few things that kept it from being great. I don’t see that happening if Rocksteady worked on it, since almost everything about their past games would fit. The stealth mechanics would shine the most, making the turtles more ninja-like than they’ve been in years. The environment would also be easy to adapt, since Gotham City is technically modeled after New York, the turtle’s home turf. Throw in a few cameos from supporting characters, some fluid parkour movement, and some re-designed villains and you’ve got a hit! My only hope is that if this happened, Rocksteady should borrow more from the recent IDW comic instead of the Nickelodeon show. Unless they have Michelangelo say “booyakasha” because that’s just fun to hear while fighting bad guys.


What characters would like to see get the ‘Arkham Treatment’? Drop a comment below!

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  • Adam Holmes

    With mainstream audiences learning more about Green Arrow from the TV show, I could definitely see a video game being made about him, though I agree, it should be lighter than Arrow. They shouldn’t shy away from the trick arrows.

    Daredevil and TMNT would make fantastic free-roam games. Daredevil especially. If they keep him to fighting mostly street crime with the enhanced bosses here and there, it would be awesome! I’d especially like it if they gave a radar sense meter that allowed you to see the world like Daredevil does briefly, kind of like what they do with Spider-Man and his Spidey sense in a lot of games.

  • John McCubbin

    I’d love to see a Green Arrow one but I think it’d be hard to come up with a compelling story with his villain set. Still would love one though. I’d also love a TMNT game (a good one that is). Other characters that I’d love to get a decent game Rocksteady or otherwise is Superman, Fables (as the small Telltale game was great) and Captain America. I’d also love to see another Wolverine game done in the same style as X-Men Origins: Wolverine but with a better story and flow (as the Devil May Cry style of gameplay was great).

    • bob44

      i think the arrow villain set is great, espicially with dark archer (and LOA) as the main villains and deathstroke etc or even add an evil arsenal in to mix things up, kinda like red hood.

      • John McCubbin

        Fair point though I still think it’d be hard to make a strong story connecting these villains.

  • Nathaniel

    Arrow is basically Green Arrow as Batman. Hell, DC has basically been turning Green Arrow into Batman with the New 52, effectively thrashing decades of character development designed to get him away from the “inferior Batman knock-off” mold he’s been trapped in for years.

    I also don’t think Arrow has made Green Arrow anywhere near as popular as Batman. And let’s face it, why waste Rocksteady on a C-Lister like Green Arrow, with a terrible rogues’ gallery, awful setting and crappy supporting cast, when they can put him on a much more superior character like Flash or Spider-Man? That would just be a bad investment and a missed opportunity.

    • StaticShox480

      I agree that Green Arrow is never going to be as popular as Batman, but that doesn’t make him a bad investment. Up until Arkham Asylum, most of Batman related video games sucked. With the right story, it can be completely different from Batman and be good. Most of his villains are crappy, but who says Rocksteady can’t make up a few villains? That’s how Harley Quinn came into the DCU, but through television.

      On a side note, The Flash would be a good idea too. There was a game in development years ago, but it got cancelled. The video of it is on YouTube.

  • Iron Angel

    You just took all of my ideas. lol but if I was going to pick 3 separate heroes from what you chose it would look like this:

    1. Wolverine
    2. Wonder Woman
    3. Deadpool

  • Aristocrat

    Only DC, only HARDCORE!
    (Hope to see Justice League)

  • Lavaris LB


  • Si Turner

    how about a game that takes the villians of the DC universe or Marvel universe and does a “Saints Row” type game. Pick your villain of choice and make him/her the crimeboss or evil mastermind of the selected city. basic customization of outfits and weaponry, evil allies and black market dealings, driving out the goody-too-shoes good guys.

  • Valdemonij

    1. Batgirl – (we miss her in all of previous games )
    2. Batwoman – (at some way, same to Batgirl )
    3. The Creeper

  • Bobthemeh

    1. Jango Fett
    2.Suicide squad

  • edison reynoso

    I think that arrow should have its own videogame. They have made very good batman games, then they could do good Arrow videogames. Even if it would be Green Arrow, so do it. It could be a very funny character.

  • edison reynoso

    I think the Arrow should have its own videogame. They made good Batman videogames, so they could make good a good Arrow videogame. Even if it could be Green Arrow is fine. It could be a very funny character.

  • razorstar90

    People, Rocksteady Studios is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Time Warner which owns Warner Brothers, who owns DC Comics. They aren’t going to do a Marvel Game. It’s like asking Marvel Studios to make a DC movie. Time Warner is not going to be like “Hey DC we’ll let our bet video game development team make you a fantastic video game that you can use to promote your Marvel characters and make you a ton of money and give you more acclaim. We can do that for our biggest rival.” Yeah not gonna happen.

  • anil chemma

    i would like to see poison ivy with her fit legs and klller croc

  • Ritvik Shukla

    they should make a hulk game or ironman or spiderman game in batman style.