3 Exciting Things You (probably) Didn’t Know About Grand Theft Auto V!

So we are all aware of the massive up and coming game Grand Theft Auto V (except those of us who have been living under a rock for years!) But these facts are all things that you (probably) don’t know already about the game!

1. The Police AI are a lot more intelligent.

As we know, in the other GTA games the cops were pretty much as thick as pig crap, just like in real life. But now, in GTA V the Police will be faster, more intimidating and intelligent. An example of this is if you 1 star on the wanted bar, the cops won’t pursue you and shoot you to death, they will simply pull out a taser and arrest you, I’ve never really seen someone resist arrest for punching someone and then get shot by the cops!

2. NPCs will have a life of their own.

In the previous GTAs the pedestrians pretty much did jack-shit! Just walking around aimlessly without a brain. Now, the NPCs will have hobbies and their own lives. For example, if you go scuba-diving for ship-wrecks, then you might encounter some NPCs doing the same as you. Now this doesn’t sound that ground breaking but it could be pretty cool for NPCs to have their own personality!

3. The map will be 5 times the size that of Red Dead Redemption!

We all liked the RDR series, and we all know that the maps were absolutely bloody massive, but that’s nothing compared to the GTA V map which will be 5 times the size. Other comparisons are: GTA V‘s map will be 8 times the size of GTA IVs map, GTA V is the size of GTA: SA, RDR and GTA IV combined!

So there we are! Excited yet? Well we are! Don’t forget to pick up a copy on 17 September!