Fairy Tail – “Wings of Flame” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Learning that the Abyss Break spell was being powered by Phantom Lords Element 4, Elfman, Mirajane, and Gray hatched a plan to defeat them and stop the spell. Gray succeeded in defeating Juvia the Rain Woman, but Natsu soon finds himself in trouble when he comes across Aria. Spoilers Ahead.

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) is in a heated battle with Aria (Chris Rager) as Phantom Lords giant continues to draw the circle for the Abyss Break spell. Natsu comes close having his own magic drained by Aria until he is saved by a revived but weakend Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard). She beats Aria, reunites with Mirajane (Monica Rial) & the others, and stops the spell; but they have little time to relax as Jose (Ed Blaylock) enters the fray. The hits keep on coming on the other side of Magnolia when Gajeel (David Wald) finds Lucy’s (Cherami Leigh) whereabouts and the only one who can save her is Loke (Eric Vale).


The action is back in this episode with not too many moments where thing slow down, this isn’t a bad thing though. Things move at a good pace and the story flows fine throughout the battles.

Natsu tries his hardest but is basically outmatched by Aria as he keeps making quick work of him with his air magic. Things don’t really turn around for Natsu until Erza saves him. After being out of action for few episodes Erza returns with a vengeance and shows just how bad ass she is by making quick work out of Aria even in her weakend state.

Lucy & Reedus (Sonny Strait) are attacked by Gajeel and two of his group and Reedus is easily taken out by the trio. Although Loke tires to make the save he too is beaten when his body starts to give out on him. This is interesting as when Gajeel says Loke smells weird, it adresses a point Natsu made when he was in Loke’s body a few episodes back when he couldn’t feel anything from him. Loke also mentions something about a woman named Karen…who is she?

Makarov (R. Bruce Elliot) makes a comeback in this episode but doesn’t do anything as he only wakes up and leaves Porlyusica’s (Linda Young) house in order to jin the battle, although how he regained consiocusness remains a mystery.

Jose makes his presence known when he confronts the Fairy Tail wizards. Making quick work of Mirajane, Gray (Newton Pittman), & Elfman (Christopher Sabat) before engaging in battle with Erza. Before this however Natsu & Erza share a moment after she beats Aria and Jose announces they have Lucy. She acknowledges the power within him and urges him to surpass her to save Lucy (that’s My OTP right there).

“Wings of Flame” certainly brings the action back to the forefront but it isn’t really anything outstanding. Erza’s comeback was nice and it was interesting to learn more about Loke, but most it was set up for later events in the story. The magic continues next week as Natsu & Gajeel begin their long awaited rematch.