ANIME TUESDAY: Strike The Blood – “From the Warlord’s Empire III” Review

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Previously on Strike The Blood:

Dimitrie Valter, the First Progenitor, tells Yukina & Kojou of the Black Death Emperor Faction and their plans. They go to school the next day to discuss their course of action but Kojou is attacked on the roof of the school by Sayaka Kirasaka. Spoilers Ahead!

STB 7.3


Asagi makes her way to the roof and unwittingly gets inbetween Kojou and Sayaka’s fight before Yukina arrives and stops them. Asagi is taken to the infirmary for an injury she suffered but has little time to recover when Christoph Gardos arrives with members of the BDEF, shooting Astarte and kidnapping Yukina, Asagi, & Nagisa. Kojou and Sayaka head to the docks to save them but the encounter Valter, who reveals that the BDEF has already activated Nalakuvera!

This arc of STB continues to turn up the heat as well as establishing one or two plot points and expanding on some characters.

Christoph Gardos

Christoph Gardos

As established last episode, Sayaka is a member of the LKO like Yukina and the two are former roomates and good friends. It’s also establish that Sayaka may have romantic feelings for Yukina (she has a picture of them when they were kids on her phone) as she admonishes Kojou for getting close to her and sucking her blood, she also gets mad that Kojou “betrays” Yukina when Sayaka seems him on the roof with Asagi.

The girls (save Sayaka who has to sit with Kojou on the roof as punishment) go to check on Asagi’s condition and Astarte just happens to be there assessing Asagi’s condition. Asagi asks Yukina’s relationship with Kojou but their conversation is interrupted by Christoph Gardos and the BDEF who kidnap Asagi, Yukina, & Nagisa, but not before Gardos shoots Astarte and leaves her for dead.

Nagisa after her accident

Nagisa after her accident

Meanwhile Motoki attempts to follow the kidnappers using his “Hyper Adaptor” ability, which allows him to use sound to track and observe things like an extreme radar, but he is attacked by Valter. Kojou & Sayaka head to the dock to rescue the girls and they meet up with Natsuki and Valter, the latter revealing that the BDEF already activated Nalakuvera after “hijacking” his yacht. Valter also throws Yaze’s unconscious body to Kojou.

Inside Gardos tells the girls they were kidnapped because they needed Asagi’s hacking skills to decipher another code (she previously deciphered the information Natsuki uncovered on Nalakuvera a couple of episodes without knowing it) and that Valter helped them in their mission, believing that fighting Nalakuvera will cure his boredom.

Yaze's Hyper Adaptor ability

Yaze’s Hyper Adaptor ability

We also learn about Nagisa and the secret she may unknowingly be hiding. When the girls are about to be abducted, Nagisa freaks out so much at the site of demons that Yukina has to knock her out so Gardos doesn’t kill her. Later Asagi tells Yukina that Nagisa was involved in a horrible accident involving demons that she wasn’t expected to recover from and that’s where her fear came from. Also some entity possesses Nagisa and tells Asagi and Yukina not to worry since Kojou will come for them before it disappears. What is this entity? Why did it possess Nagisa?

On the docks Valter reveals that he can fuse his familiars as he prepares to fight Nalakuvera, but Kojou gets him to back down, resolving to fight the thing himself.



“From The Warlord’s Empire III” continues to ramp up the action, danger, and explosions as our heroes take on the BDEF. We learn more about Nagisa as well as learn more about Valter & the BDEF’s true goals. Things continue barreling forward next week when Kojou takes on Nalakuvera.