ANIME TUESDAY: Galilei Donna – “Galileo Tesoro” Review

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Previously on Galilei Donna:

The girls find themselves in the Netherlands on their continued search for the Tesoro. Touching down they encounter bandits known as the Blue Hawks and Hozuki befriends a couple of children named Theo & Karen. Things seem to go well until Adni Moon shows up and bombs the Hawks hideout, forcing the girls to leave and Theo, Karen, & hundreds of people victims of the bombings. Spoilers Ahead!

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After Hazuki becomes sick, the Galileo lands in Russia and Anna, Hozuki, & Kazuki come upon a nearby hospital and begin searching for medicine. They soon find out that the hospital is being occupied by the crew of the Black Ganymede and Roberto. With limited resources, angry hospital patients, sky pirates, and a merciless killer all vying for control, the Kazuki, Hozuki, & Anna need to find medicine for Hazuki or they won’t be making it out in one piece.

To say tension is the name of the game with this episode would be an understatement, Galilei Donna is beginning to go down a darker path and this episode helps establish that.

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Let’s get the main problem with the episode out of the way first, the Ferrari sisters & Anna have absolutely no bearing on the plot in this episode. They have a few scenes here and there but honestly Hazuki being sick is just a plot convenience that puts them in the same place as the real stars of the episode…

The first spotlight is shined on Roberto. At the top of the episode we see a dream that Roberto is having about his childhood, specifically one of his birthdays. His parents were wealthy but his father cared about others less fortunate than them which is evident when he gives two homeless men Roberto’s birthday cake, leaving only one piece for his son. Roberto is also shown to be a well adjusted boy as he cuts up his slice into three pieces for his family to eat. Even with all of this we see just what event shapes him into such a ruthless man. His house was bombed, killing his father and mother, he tries to get the two homeless men his father fed to help but they shrug him off and steal the pendant off of his dead mother’s corpse, his view of the world is finally shifts when falling debris falls on him and takes his leg until he is found in an orphanage by the head of Adni Moon.

Young Roberto

Young Roberto

The next is the Black Ganymede crew. When Cicinho learns the reason the Ferrari sisters are in the hospital, he tells his men to help them get out despite the blizzard that trapped them in the hospital. The pirates tell the sisters that they were all orphans that were saved from their oppressive caretakers by Cicinho, giving them a reason to live. It’s cliche’ yes, but it still gives some nice insight.

The episode also deals with the two groups clash in the hospital. When the girls enter the building Black Ganymede is already there and Roberto shows up (where it is implied that Anna knows him) soon after with gun in hand, but soon gives up when Black Ganymede shows they are packing more heat than him. When the patrons in the hospital complain about the lack of resources, Roberto takes matters into his own hands by going on a killing spree, even shooting one of Cicinho’s crew. Remembering what happened to the Blue Hawks, Hozuki tries to intervene and her necklace causes an explosion that exposes the hospital to the elements and allows her, Kazuki, & Anna to escape. Roberto then tries to kill and unconscious Cicinho but realizes hes out of bullets and leaves.

GD 6.6

“Galileo Tesoro” continues to take Galilei Donna down its darker path with the explanation of the Black Ganymede crew & Roberto’s back stories as well as all the killing Roberto does. While the sisters were basically just there until the end, it was nice to get some insight into the other players in the game.