ANIME TUESDAY: Galilei Donna – “Constellatory Dreams” Review

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Previously on Galilei Donna:

The search for the Tesoro brings the girls to Germany but they encounter a setback when Hozuki is injured. After escaping from the Black Ganymede and having a man named Hans heal Hozuki, the girls set off for the next piece of Galileo’s puzzle. Spoilers Ahead!

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The next leg of the Ferrari’s sisters search for the Tesoro brings them to a desolate town in The Netherlands. The town is occupied by a group calling themselves the Blue Hawks. While searching for the next clue, Hozuki befriends a young boy named Theo and the two bond over Galileo. Things seem to going well, but when Adni Moon descends on the Blue Hawks base the girls make a decision that will scar them forever.

The show takes a detour in more ways than one as this is episode is pretty depressing, but not in a way that will alienate the audience.

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The episode opens with the CEO of Adni Moon discussing the recent theft of methane hydrate headed by a rebel faction known as the Blue Hawks during a press conference. We then cut to the Ferrari sisters and Anna as they head to the Netherlands in search of the next piece of the Tesoro. Touching down in a near empty town, the girls unknowingly find themselves at the Blue Hawks base of operations; receiving guns aimed at their faces for their trouble, but they smooth things over.

The Blue Hawks are your typical “power to the people”/”robin hood” rebels who are trying to take down Adni Moon. Their leader, Ludger, all in all seems to be a good man, and the group doesn’t appear to be harming anyone (despite Hazuki’s protests to what the group is doing).



This episode is mostly Hozuki centric as we barely see her sisters of Anna at all. Most of the episode is focused on Hozuki and her interactions with Theo and Karen, two kids that the Blue Hawks look after. Hozuki strikes up an instant report with Theo as the two bond over Galileo. Theo & Karen are both decent characters but most of the time is spent with Theo who is quite inventor himself as he shows Hozuki a telescope he made from scrap from the area. His relationship with Karen is your typical “childhood friend”/”love interest”, but she is more vulnerable since has to walk with a cane.

After Hozuki and Theo find the next parchment that Galileo left behind, Theo persuades Hozuki to let him show it to Ludger. They reach the tunnel that the Hawks use to fly their ships out of and see Ludger preparing to leave, when Theo questions him they suddenly hear the sounds of bombs going off and are horrified to see Adni Moon bombers destroying the Blue Hawks base. Ludger flees and shoots a barrel in the tunnel causing it to blow, but Hozuki’s necklace protects her and Theo with some form of electrical barrier. Hozuki is taken by her sisters back to the Galileo but Theo goes to look for Karen. This is where the episode takes its dark turn as Hozuki tries to save them but Grande Rosso overrides her command by telling her that they only have 99% chance of being killed in the bombing. As Theo & Karen try to escape the bombs, a piece of glass gets lodged in Karen’s leg making her unable to go on. As they bombs draw closer, Theo tells something to Karen and the children share their last smile as they die in the explosion.

Theo (Left) & Karen's (Right) Final Moments

Theo (Left) & Karen’s (Right) Final Moments

“Constellatory Dreams” is a pretty depressing episode, but it does have its merits as well as its failings. While the bombing was dramatic, Ludger’s heel turn did come out of left field with no build up making the ending a bit less impactful and while Hozuki is a nice girl, I would have liked to see more of her sisters (especially Kazuki) and Anna just to get a feel on how they felt about things.