ANIME MONDAY: Sword Art Online – “Crimson Killing Intent” Review

Previously on SAO:

In order to save his friends from Gleam Eyes, Kirito was forced to pull out his trump card; his dual wielding technique, now known throughout Aincrad Kirito has now been caught in the sights of the head of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Spoilers Ahead.

After petitioning for Asuna to get a leave of absence from the Knights, Kirito finds himself in the cross hairs of Heathcliff; Asuna’s superior and leader of the guild. After hearing of Kirito’s dual wielding ability he offers the young man a deal: if Kirito can beat Heathcliff in a duel, Asuna’s leave will be granted; however if Kirito loses, he has to join the Knights of the Blood Oath. Once more he once again encounters Asuna’s old bodyguard Kuradeel, and let’s say things don’t exactly go Kirito’s way this time around.

Kirito Vs. Heathcliff

Let me say now that this is my favorite episode of SAO. Not for really happens during it but the ending of the episode. That being said there are plenty of other things that are good in this episode. The fight between Kirito & Heathcliff was amazing, just a flurry of swords and shield clashing and you can tell they were pulling out all the stops. We learn about Heathcliff as well, apparently his HP has never hit yellow and his character ability ups his attack and defense tremendously, there is also a sub plot introduced as to how Kirito lost the duel that will come into play later.

While the duel was great the main focus of this episode is on Kirito & Asuna’s relationship which gets taken to the next level near the end of the episode. You really see them connect here and that is what clinches the episode for me is there interactions here (call me a sucker for love). The have some good dialogue throughout the episode and Kirito even opens up to her and reveals why he never joined a guild, it a real touching moment as well as the final moment in the episode, which i am not ashamed to admit made me shed manly tears.

“Crimson Killing Intent”, besides being my favorite episode of the series, is another solid addition in a good series. It has action, humor, drama, and a few feel good moments as well. it’s nice to see that even when people are trapped inside a game that they can find a way to make the most of their lives. The fight to survive continues next week in Sword Art Online.