Anime Monday: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – “Dungeon Suite” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba meets a strange young boy named Aladdin who joins him on his quest to conquer the dungeon known as Amon. Spoiler’s Ahead

Alibaba & Aladdin arrive at Amon and proceed to enter the treacherous dungeon (well fell in is more accurate as a tired Aladdin falls into Alibaba, causing both of them to enter). Once they are inside there is little time to be amazed as they are almost caught in one of the dungeons many traps. Alibaba soon realizes that he may have to traverse the traps alone as Aladdin is spent from using Ugo’s power so much in one day. They soon encounter Jamil, the lord of Alibaba’s region, and his two remaining slaves; with Aladdin out of commission, Alibaba is forced to help the cruel lord navigate the traps of the dungeon.

This episode is a direct continuation of the 1st one and we get out first peek at the mysterious dungeons. As expected they are marvelous, yet dangerous structures filled with all kinds of monsters and traps. They are quite amazing to look at, you know once you look past the burning lakes and giant green ants trying to kill you.

With Aladdin out cold for most of the episode, it gives a chance for Alibaba to shine on his own. He is shown to be pretty damn handy with a dagger as he takes out all of the creatures that trying to kill him & Aladdin, and he also manages to outmanuver one of Jamil’s huge slaves. He is also quite resourceful as he fools Jamil into thinking he died activating a trap. We learn a bit more about how Aladdin channels the power of Ugo, apparently he uses the muscles in his stomach to blow the flute and channel the energy; which is why the more he uses it, the hungrier and more tired he gets.

We are fully introduced to Jamil in this episode as well in this episode. Last episode he didn’t do much besides coordinate business behind a desk but now he is on his feet and exploring the dungeon. He seems to know about Aladdin’s abilities as he takes him so he can access the dungeon’s treasures. Jamil is a very selfish and cruel man (shocker) as he cares nothing for the slaves under him; he states that he had come with about 100 or so of them but is now only down to two (the hulking Goltas & the girl who the boys saved in the 1st episode, Morgiana) as he used the rest to navigate the traps. He also stabs Goltas multiple times when he is angry, which only adds to his unlikeability.

Just one example of Jamil’s douchebaggery

Speaking of Morgiana we get some look into her character after she is tasked with guarding Aladdin. She knows nothing of her homeland, which is deemed the “dark country” due to it being underdeveloped; she hates being a slave (obviously) but resigns herself to her fate as she believes there is nothing she can do about it. She is also shown to have extremely powerful legs when she tries to pursue Alibaba & Aladdin when they escape via magic carpet by running up the wall after them.


A solid second outing of “Magi” as we learn more of the characters and get a look at the 1st dungeon in the series. The visuals remain impressive and while there isn’t THAT much action, it is still entertaining and the tension is certainly there as Alibaba & Aladdin continue to make their way through Amon.