ANIME MONDAY: Magi Labyrinth of Magic – “People of the Plains” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba has conquered Amon and realized his dream, but with Aladdin missing, what will he do next? Spoilers Ahead.

Alibaba has conquered Amon and has become the ruler of the village he lives in, but things feel hollow to him. Aladdin has been missing for three days and Alibaba sets out to find his friend. Meanwhile Aladdin awakens in a tent a long ways away from Alibaba. He finds out he has come under the care of the people of the Kouga Clan, a proud group of nomads. After living with them for a short time, the clan is soon introduced to Ren Hakuei, princess of the Ko Empire who are looking to add the Kouga Clan to their growing empire.

Ren Hakuei (Middle)

This episode mostly focuses on Aladdin and what he deals with as he joins the Kouga Clan although we do breifly see Alibaba & Morgiana. Alibaba himself has freed Morgiana and the other slaves and soon finds himself bored with his newfound status. He still wonders about Aladdin and wishes to find his friend and soon resolves to find him. Morgiana also seeks to find her homeland as it was Golbas’ last words to her before he died.

Aladdin finds himself getting along quite well with the members of the Kouga Clan (despite a few hiccups) and learns more about himself form the Clan’s leader; an old woman named Shaman Chagan AKA Baba. We learn that Aladdin is from a village in the far west called Qisha, but it would take around 5 years to get there on foot. We also find out that Aladdin has no family to speak of and more of his nature as a Magi as the little golden butterflies (called Rukh) flow to him because of this. Even though I wish the episode spotlighted how he feels about being separated from Alibaba since that was his 1st real friend.


We are also introduced to both the Kouga Clan & Ren Hakuei. The Kouga Clan are shown to be a proud group of nomads who are very close to one another, basically a family. They originally had tons of power in the land but that has dwindled over the years and it had been said that the 1st leader of the Clan conquered the 1st dungeon. Baba herself is the daughter of the 155th king of the Kouga Clan. Ren Hakuei is the heir to the mighty Ko Empire and is shown to be a very polite and peaceful woman, who looks to annex the Kouga Clan through diplomatic means. She has a friendly dynamic with Aladdin which starts when she rescues from a runaway horse. She is smart and very kind and abhors killing, which makes her a pretty appealing character as she promises Aladdin that she won’t kill anyone in the Kouga Clan to annex them.

“People of the Plains” is a nice episode as it explores the world of Magi more by introducing new characters and adding to the mystery of the Magi and what they are supposed to do. There is humor, good action, some character drama and the ending of this episode was a pretty heartbreaking cliff hanger.