ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “Dungeon-Capturer” Review

Previously on Magi:

Aladdin finds himself amongst a group of nomads known as the Kouga Clan and their leader Baba. After joining them he and the clan encounter Hakuei Ren, princess of the Kou Empire who looks to add the clan to her kingdom, things soon turn violent in a hurry. Spoilers Ahead.

After Baba is struck down (via arrow to the back) the Kouga Clan are ready to go to war with the Kou forces. Desperate to stop any and all bloodshed, Hakuei rushes off to reach a peaceful solution with the Kouga Clan, with Aladdin and Baba having the same idea. Things start to cool down but Hakuei soon finds herself trapped when it turns out that Ryosai (the general of her army) had orchestrated the attack in order to get Hakuei killed in the chaos and seize control for himself.

Hakuei after calling upon her Djinn’s power

The fallout from the attack on Baba obviously causes waves within the Kouga Clan & Kou Empire’s already frigid relationship. This in turn puts a lot of the episodes focus on Hakuei, who has to restore the order between the two groups before more blood is spilled. Hakuei once again shines here as she will do anything to maintain peace and keep the promise she made to Aladdin last episode, she is also a fierce fighter; as shown when she is cornered by Ryosai & his men. She is revealed to be a “dungeon-capturer” (someone who has conquered a dungeon like Aladdin & Alibaba) and we see her Djinn, Paimon, as well which allows her to control wind. Cluminating in a pretty kick ass fight scene, that Aladdin gets involved in in the end when she runs out of power.

Hakuei & Paimon

We learn more about Aladdin after Baba passes as her ghost tells him that as Magi he can control “Rukh” and that they are all the souls of people who have passed on from the world. Learning more about him we also learn more about Magi and how they supposedly choose “candidates” to be king of the land. Hakuei & her brother Haruryuu are candidates, as well as Alibaba. We even get a nice little nod for Goltas (the slave that was Morgiana when Jamil entered Amon) as he is revealed to be a member of the Kouga Clan.

“Dungeon-Capturer” offers a nice resolution to this story arc as well as providing more info on the nature of Magi & dungeons. We get some pretty good action scenes as well as some nice character development. Magi is shaping up to be a good series. The adventure continues next week as Aladdin begins his quest to reunite with Alibaba.