ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “A Prince’s Responsibility” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba is revealed to the leader of the Fog Troop. Morgiana kidnaps him in order to have him talk to Aladdin about his actions, when they arrive at their destination, Alibaba tells his friends of his origins and why he joined the band of thieves. Spoilers Ahead.

Alibaba continues to explain his reasoning for joining up with the Fog Troop to Aladdin & Morgiana. Just as the three friends find themselves on common ground again, Cassim bursts in to the hotel with the rest of the Fog Troop. A huge battle ensues between the Fog Troop and Balbadds soldiers until Sinbad enters the fray. He quickly subdues the thieves, but then decides to join them!

We get more explanation into Alibaba’s past and learn why exactly he joined the Fog Troop. Alibaba left the palace soon after Cassim raided it and wandered around until he met Aladdin, after conquering the dungeon he went back to Balbadd in order to settle things and start a new life, but when Cassim showed him Mariam’s grave he decided to join the Fog Troop (despite the fact that Cassim betrayed his trust, tied him up, robbed the palace, burned it down, and caused the king to die prematurely which in turn caused Alibaba to leave. Water under the bridge I guess).

Sinbad and his entourage show how badass they really are when they take on the Fog Troop members. Masrur shows just what the Fanalis can do when he literally runs through Cassim’s entire group without breaking so much as a sweat. Jafar is shown to have a vicious streak when he almost kills Cassim when the latter bad mouths Sinbad. Sinbad himself takes out Hasan (the muscle of the group) with his bare hands by using his Magoi and takes down Alibaba effortlessly and even cancels out his Djinn’s power. This scene alone gives an idea as to why he is so famous.

Sinbad Vs. Alibaba

Aladdin gets some slight development in regards to his relationship with Alibaba. He understands why he is doing what he’s doing and wants to see him kae the right decisions in the end, but he doesn’t want to force it on him. he wants to figure it out himself, this shows the faith that Aladdin has in his friend and why their bond is so strong. Aladdin also encounters a strange man when Alibaba goes to appeal to his half brother Abhmad, current king of Balbadd, about the state of the country. The young boy gets an ominous feeling about him, equating him to a “black sun”.

“A Prince’s Responsibility” is another solid episode what has a good amount of character drama and some very light humor. The action scenes are well done, even if the animation is a bit lacking at times. The magic continues next week as Alibaba tries to change Balbadd & Aladdin encounters another Magi.