ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “Just Do Whatever!!” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Team Natsu succeeded in stopping the Cold Emperor’s forces from killing the villagers but they are separated in the process. Natsu defeats both Yuka & Toby but Lucy has her hands full with Sherry. Spoilers Ahead.

Lucy (Cherami Leigh) finds herself being put through the ringer in her battle with Sherry (Trina Nishimura). Eventually she comes out on top, but her trouble has only begun as Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard) has arrived on the island. Erza captures her & Happy (Tia Ballard) and demands to be taken to where Gray (Newton Pittman) & Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) are. Gray recuperates from his injuries and encounters Erza while Natsu once again comes face to face with Lyon (Jerry Jewel) inside the temple.

Things are starting to heat up in the Galuna island arc as this episodes indicates. The battle between Lucy & Sherry is a decent one as Lucy uses her brain to outwit Sherry and her magic. First tricking Sherry to take control of her weakest spirit, Plue, so she can attack; then once again tricking her into controlling her strongest yet most disobedient spirit, Aquarius (Jessica Cavanagh). It’s nice to see that Lucy is improving as the show goes on.

Lucy Defeating Sherry

Erza is still as intimidating as ever when she encounters Lucy, and captures Happy when the blue cat tries to fly away. She is PISSED that Natsu and the others took a S Class quest without having the proper authorization. It shows that Erza values the rules above all else, initially not caring about the plight of Galuna Island (until Gray tells her off). Speaking of Gray. he does get a few moments to himself here (the one with Erza being the most badass one), he also drops a bomb at the end of the episode about Ur.

Natsu shows he actually does have some brains in this episode as he destroys some support beams in the temple to make it tilt, thus stopping the Moon Drip from shining on Deliora. He is also shown to be very flexible with his magic when he faces off against Lyon: channeling it through his feet so he can fly, shooting it into the air allowing him fall quickly to the ground and dodge Lyon’s attacks, and other uses. We also meet Zalty (Mark Stoddard) another one of Lyon’s followers who uses a so far undisclosed ancient magic, but it is demonstrated when he seems to melt the ground beneath Natsu, causing him to fall. What is his magic?

“Just Do Whatever!!” is another decently paced episode, it gives the audience a small breather but also squeezes in some drama, action, and a tinge of humor for good measure. While the animation quality can be pretty lax at times, it’s not too distracting. The adventure continues next week as Natsu continues battling against Lyon.