Anime Monday: Fairy Tail – “Flame & Wind” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Team Natsu corners Eisenwald at Oshibana Train Station and a battle ensues. However, this was all a ruse as Eisenwald’s leader encloses the station in a vortex, trapping the wizards inside as he heads off to his REAL destination; The Guild Master’s conference in Clover. Spoilers Ahead

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) & his team find themselves trapped inside Oshibana station with no way out as Erigor (Jonathan Brooks) makes his way to Clover in order to cast Lullaby on the Guild Masters. Running out of time Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard) & Gray (Newton Pittman) begin their search for Kageyama (Chad Cox), the member of Eisenwald who broke Lullaby’s seal, in the hopes that he can release the barrier. However, Kageyama is mortally wounded by one of his own guild mates in order to stop him from talking; just as they begin to lose hope Happy (Tia Ballard) remembers what he had to tell Lucy (Cherami Leigh) (Last episode Happy was struggling to tell Lucy something). He reveals that Duke Everlue’s head maid Virgo (Terri Doty) had requested her key be given to Lucy. Using her Earth magic, the team is able to leave the station & Natsu races off to confront Erigor.

Natsu Vs. Erigor

The Lullaby arc is beginning to reach it’s climax with this episode. Even though it is predictable that they were going to get out, there is some slight tension as to how they were going to it. Lucy’s powers increase slightly when she adds Virgo to her arsenal, she is certainly different than when she was under Everlue’s employ and is another quirky character that is added to Fairy Tail’s growing roster, she has the power to transform herself & there is a funny moment when she tries to hold Lucy’s skirt down when they get outside the station with no regard for her own clothing.

The new Virgo

Natsu does more this episode than he did previously. He has a short battle with Kageyama and we also see his code of honor when he punches out the guy who attacked Kageyama. He shows his dedication to his guild when he tries to break through the wind barrier so he can save his Guild Master and how he & Happy rush off ahead of the others to stop Erigor. His battle with Erigor showcases Natsu’s growing potential when he is thrown off of the bridge they’re fighting on but manages to pull himself back up by forming his fire into a hand (GL anyone?). Finally we get a peek into more of Erigor’s magic and just how adept he is with it. He uses it to great effect by keeping Natsu off balance, but he also manages to create wind armor around his body.

Another decent episode. The animation hits better than last time and the introduction of Virgo was nice. Not as much action in this one, but the fight between Natsu & Erigor looks promising as we see just how Natsu will be able to use his flames to defeat the “Reaper”.