ANIME MONDAY: Attack On Titan – “Female Titan – 57th Expedition Behind the Walls Pt. 1” Review

Previously on Attack on Titan:

Hanji’s Titans (Sonny & Bean) were killed by two unidentified soldiers. During the search for the culprits, the trainess began to think about which branch of the military they would be joining. Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Reinier, Bertholdt, Ymir, Krista, & Sasha joined the Survey Corps along with Eren, but Annie chose to join the Military Police. Now with all of the troops gathered, the 57th expedition beyond the walls has begun! Spoilers Ahead!

The journey to Zhiganshina has begun as the Survey Corps blaze a trail from Wall Rose. Spreading off into various formations, the corps soon encounters Titans when they reach the forest. After his group manages to kill an aberrant,  Armin notices a Female Titan coming towards him. After it kills one of his group Armin soon joins up with Reiner & Jean and the three try to take it down. After the plan Armin states that not only is the Titan intelligent it’s also a shifter; once more it’s making it’s way to Eren!

The next arc in the story starts here and let me say that it indeed starts off with a bang with plenty of action and suspense to keep you on the edge or your seat the whole way through.

The Survey Corps shows what it can do as it makes its way beyond the walls. The formations implemented prove effective for the most part and everyone in the squad are capable of performing their duties effectively. Using different flares, the corps is able to send signals in order to tell which Titans are coming (Black being the “oh S*it” signal), and we even get to see a couple Titan kills here.

As there are no buildings in the forest, it’s much harder for the maneuver gear to be used effectively so it was also nice to see how the soldiers adapted to this handicap.

With all the praise showered on the Survey Corps however, the main attraction here is the Female Titan. Standing about 15 meters tall (which is about how tall Eren is in his form) we first see her in the distance from Armin’s POV as she arrives from the right flank (leading other Titans along the way). Initially making a beeline for the Survey Corps, she doesn’t attack anyone until she is attacked herself by members of Armin’s group. She is shown to be intelligent as she counters the maneuver gear’s paths and covers her neck to prevent her weak spot from being attacked.

Female Titan

Things get even more hectic when Armin tries to get away but is knocked from his horse. He initially thinks the titan is going to eat him but is confused when she looks at his face and continues on her path, this is the spark that Armin believes she is looking for a certain person.

After meeting up with Jean & Reiner the three deduce she is looking for Eren and try to stop her. Athough their efforts prove fruitless (with Reiner & Jean almost getting killed) they do manage to have a solid bit of teamwork. Armin also manages to prevent the Titan from killing Jean by what seem like nonsensical yells, but upon closer inspection they may imply that Armin knows who the Titan is.

“Female Titan” is definitely another strong addition to an equally strong anime. The suspense, action, and drama hit all cylinders and the mystery of the Female Titan adds intrigue to the story. With this new situation being brought to light many questions are brought to the forefront. Who is the Female Titan? Where did she come from? Can anyone stop her? What does she want with Eren? and most importantly, What will she do when she finds him?