ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “Fire Dragon, Monkey, & Bull” Review

Previously in Fairy Tail: Lucy Heartfilia is a spunky young wizard, who has aspirations of joining the Fairy Tail Guild; the most popular in all of Fiore. She meets a young Dragon Slayer named Natsu Dragneel & his flying blue cat Happy, who are both members of Fairy Tail themselves; after causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage in the port town of Hargeon; Lucy, Natsu, & Happy escape town, with Natsu promising to get Lucy into Fairy Tail.

Spoilers Ahead

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) brings Lucy (Cherami Leigh) to the city of Magnolia, home of the Fairy Tail guild. Upon arriving in the guild hall, Natsu (brain trust that he is) initiates a brawl over false info a fellow guild member gave him about Igneel. Soon, the whole guild becomes embroiled in the free for all and we meet more of the guilds members: Gray Fullbuster (Newton Pittman) (who has an awful habit of taking his clothes off, Elfman Strauss (Christopher R. Sabat) (Who claims to be a REAL man), Cana Alberona (Jamie Marchi) (the guild’s “heaviest drinker), Loke (Pronounced Low-ki) (Eric Vale) (the guild’s resident ladies man), & Mirajane Strauss (Monica Rial) (Elfman’s elder sister & centerfold model for “Sorcerer Weekly). Lucy herself gets caught up in the chaos until the Makarov Dreyar (R. Bruce Elliot), the guild’s master breaks it up.

Left to Right: Elfman, Gray, Cana, & Nam

After things cool down, a young boy named Romeo Conbolt (Kayla Carlyle) enters the guild hall and begins to ask Makarov when his father, Macao (Brian Mathis), is going to return; his father going on a job and hasn’t been seen in a week. Makarov tells him to wait

Lucy & Mirajane (Right) watching Natsu get crushed by the Master

longer and this angers Romeo as he punches the master and runs out. Natsu, overhearing the commotion, decides to go find Macao himself; since no one else will. Lucy wonders why he’s going when Mirajane exposits that Natsu & Romeo are in the same situation, since Igneel (Natsu’s dragon “father”) left when Natsu was Romeo’s age. Touched by Mirajane’s words, Lucy follows Natsu.

The two arrive at a Mt. Hakobe, and begin the search for Macao; Natsu explains to Lucy that Macao took a job on the mountain to rid it of some Vulcan, monkey like creatures who live there. They are attacked by one and it captures Lucy as it throws Natsu from the mountain. Lucy struggles against the beast until Natsu re-emerges, having been saved by Happy. Natsu defeats the Vulcan, and the beast changes into Macao. This confuses Lucy as happy tells her that Vulcans can possess others, thus explaining what to Macao (he defeated 19 before the 20th possessed him). The 4 return to Magnolia and Romeo happily embraces his father as he thanks Lucy for helping Natsu.

Another good episode, we got to take a peek into the how the guilds function, and got introduced to more of the more outlandish wizards, saw more of Lucy’s Celestial spirits (Taurus & Horologium); and there was fast action with some great humor sprinkled in for good measure.

It is also noted that even though they fight a lot, Fairy Tail is still full of people that respect and care for one another. This is evident when Makarov gives them a speech about unity following a stack of bills he got from the council; and when Natsu fought the Macao Vulcan, when he said everyone in Fairy Tail was his friend.

While a story arc hasn’t presented itself yet, Fairy Tail continues to be enjoyable.