Space Dandy – “I Can’t Be The Only One, Baby” Review

The dandy guy in space is back with a brand new season, and all new shenanigans. Just what madness is in store this go round?

After Dandy and his crew once again prove how much they suck at the whole “space explorer” thing, Scarlet tries to set them down the path of alternative career choices. After discussing the issue back on the ship, the crew of the Aloha Oe get distracted by a split end on Dandy’s head. Trying to pull it out: Dandy, Meow and QT are soon sent on an interdimensional trip through parallel dimensions, encountering other Dandys, Meows, and QTs.

SD 1

Space Dandy opens season 2 with another outrageously memorable outing. A fan of alternate reality stories myself, this episode struck a chord with me; the realm of possibility is endless and in Space Dandy’s case each possibility is just as weird as the last one (my favorite being either Michael Jackson Dandy or Depressed Dandy). With plenty of laughs and outrageous moments to keep you entertained.

Whether Dandy is space trucker, Meow is creepy alien holding a helmet he never puts on, or even if QT is actuallly a competent piece of machinery, everything shines with that excellently weird Dandy sparkly. Everything has just that overwhelming feel of fun that makes this show near impossible to hate.

Production wise there isn’t much to say, nothing has changed from the first season but you can still tell that director Shinichiro Watanabe is still having loads of fun with the series in how he directs the craziness going on. With each universe there is a slight animation change that pleases the eyes at how diverse they are. No Dandy is different from the last and Ian Sinclair shows his range as a VA with each knew Dandy he voices. Joel McDonald (Meow) and Alison Viktorin (QT) are no slouches themselves, keeping up with Sinclair’s energy through the entire dimension hopping affair.

SD 1.3

Reviewing Space Dandy is always a challenge because you never know what to expect each week. There are no sub plots so the episodes really don’t tie into one another, which is part of its appeal. You can start just about anywhere and not be lost in the slightest when it comes to characters and situations. No episode of Space Dandy is like the one before it, be it directoral wise, music wise, or animation wise.

“I Can’t Be The Only One, Baby” starts the second season off with a bang and if this episode any indication, Space Dandy is going to have another great season, baby.

+ Dimension hopping craziness + Fun from beginning to end + VA's continue to put on great performances +It's multiple Dandys, what more do you want?