Ani-Monday: Fairy Tail “Infiltrate The Everlue Mansion” Review

After last weeks episode, Lucy is officially a member of the Fairy Tail guild, but with all the crazy characters and personalities floating around and literally bouncing off of one another, will the young wizard be able to survive? As always spoilers ahead.

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn), Happy (Tia Ballard), & Lucy (Cherami Leigh) go on their 1st job together as a team. Their mission: to inflitrate the Everlue Mansion and then steal and destroy the book known as Daybreak from a man known as Duke Everlue (Chris Ayres). They 1st try the subtle approach and try to get Lucy on as a maid, but when that fails, the take a more…DIRECT approach.

This episode has a bit more humor in it than the 1st two, which is another aspect of the show’s appeal. Natsu & Lucy have a good group dynamic and the two bounce off one another very well, with Natsu & Happy constantly getting on Lucy’s nerves and her trying to make sense of them.

Duke Everlue is an enteratining villain to say the least, he is a disgusting, selfish, but also smart womanizer (which is hilarious because his taste in women is terrible, as can be told from his maids) and it is clear that others before Natsu & Lucy have tried to take the book since he recognizes the two as Fairy Tail wizards when they arrive at his doorstep.

Well…this is awkward

We also get more of a look into Lucy’s character, such as how she makes a contract with a Celestial Spirit & her aspirations of being a writer (which results in a hilarious scene where she dropkicks Natsu for looking at the rough draft of her novel.). New characters are introduced, aside from Duke Everlue & his head maid Virgo (Terri Doty); we are also introduced to “Shadow Gear”, another team of Fairy Tail wizards led by Levy McGarden (Kristi Kang) and includes her friends: Jet (Michael Chinnici) & Droy (Zach Bolton); and the Vanish Bros. who are apart of the Mercenary Guild known as the “Southern Wolves” (who have a short but still satisfying battle with Natsu.).

In all honesty they didn’t stand a chance

Each episode of Fairy Tail does a good job of expanding the world that these colorful and unique people inhabit on a daily basis. The animation continues to be fluid, the humor hits in the right places (mostly coming from Happy & Lucy’s side remarks.), and the voice acting is also well done from the cast. Two of the various types of wizards are explained: Holder types (those who use items like Lucy) & Ability (those who exude magical power from their bodies like Natsu.).

Next week, Lucy & Natsu continue  their 1st job together, as they seek why the book has to be destroyed. Hopefully they don’t bring the mansion down around them as a result.