Halo 2 Sniper Made from Legos!

This amazing find comes to us from one of our long time readers Mattie Como. He found this amazing Halo 2 sniper rifle constructed with nothing more than Legos. But he couldn’t find the builder’s name, so it’s lead me to wonder… Maybe it was Tony Stark? Isn’t that what Obadiah Stane was after this entire […]

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Behold Iron Baby…Daughter of Iron Man

What does billionaire playboy Tony Stark,aka Iron Man, forget to do before he leaves the house? If you answered with “Lock his daughter out of his armor room”, then you’re absolutely right!!! Check out this adorable and equally epic fan-made video from the amazing youtubing duo of Jocelyn “Strob” Simard and Patrick Boivin. That two […]

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