GWYNETH PALTROW Wants Out of the Marvel Universe

That’s right, Gwyneth “Babysitting Stark Everyday” Paltrow wants to bail on the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a paltry 4 films. What nerve! Her reasoning? Well, the blonde bombshell simply said… “I don’t know… I’m getting old for this s–t, you know what I mean?” All snark aside, I think anyone can sympathize with Iron Man’s […]

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Tony Stark’s Brand New Armor from Iron Man 3

We’ve finally managed to get our hands on pics of Tony Stark’s brand new suit of armor from Iron Man 3!!! Borrowing heavily from Adi Granov’s Extremis illustrations (the comic on which IM 3 is heavily based) , the billionaire’s new threads are definitely the most gold gilded out of his roster. Hopefully Marvel receives my weekly e-mail […]

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Leaked Iron Man 3 Set Pic

Thanks to the mighty powers of the Reddit hive mind, we’ve our hands on a brand new photo from the set of Iron Man 3. Showcasing Tony Stark’s sleek Malibu mansion in mid-construction, this is well suited for we cinefiles. Click the thumbnail below for the full image… I’m always delighted to see the naughty […]

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